2023-2024 InterClub Competition Round 5 – Club de Petanque d’Adelaide – 24th March 2024

A near-record turnout of 32 teams contested Round 5 at Club d’Adelaide in perfect weather conditions.

Taking out the day’s top honours were the familiar faces of Vincent Bulone, Ha Nguyen & Van Nguyen. This is their fourth win of the season and they become the first unchanged trio to achieve that feat. The silver medals went to Rada Pierre, Alain Rousse & Adrian Clements, from Adelaide, and ESP’s Dave Ward, Ray Drummond & Craig Stewart rounded out the top three.Continue reading

2023-2024 InterClub Competition Round 4 – Adelaide Hills Petanque Club – 21st January 2024

The first Interclub round of 2024 was held at Stirling in very pleasant conditions. The skies were completely clear, apart from the local birdlife (and a few helicopters covering the nearby progress of the Tour Down Under cycling race), but the temperature was quite mild for January. Breaking the trend of Eastern Suburbs dominance that we have seen so far this season, it was Club d’Adelaide’s turn to shine on this occasion. Continue reading

2023-2024 InterClub Competition Round 3 – Novar Gardens Petanque Club – 26th November 2023

Round 3 was held at Novar Gardens in mild conditions. It was dry on the day, which was quite fortunate considering the significant rain events that occurred in the days before and after the event. Twenty-eight teams took part. Taking home the gold medals, once again, were Vincent Bulone, Alexi Alexi & Van Nguyen from Eastern Suburbs. Continue reading

2023-2024 InterClub Competition Round 2 – Gawler Petanque Club – 24th September 2023

Round 2 was held at Gawler in fine and sunny conditions. There were a lot of close games and no team escaped without at least one loss. But it was also notable for a couple of other reasons…

Historically, the Gawler venue has not been a happy hunting ground for the usually formidable Eastern Suburbs club. In July 2008, an ESP team1 took home Interclub gold as joint winners with an Adelaide team2. That was 15 years ago. ESP were the premier club at the time and they won every round that season.3 Subsequently, they have won 9 more pennants and they have taken the gold medals at 45 of the 88 rounds played since that date. That’s a pretty good record, to put it mildly. But at Gawler, it’s been a different story.Continue reading

2022-2023 InterClub Competition Round 6 – Novar Gardens Petanque Club – 28th May 2023

Round 6 was another wet one, with several periods of rain during the middle of the day. But no amount of rain would have been enough to dampen the enthusiasm of the 32 teams that took part in what was the final and deciding round of the Interclub competition. The stakes were high, as there were five clubs still in with a chance of winning the championship – something we’ve never seen before (and may never see again). Fortunately, the showers stopped just in time to avoid rendering many of the pistes unplayable. Continue reading

2022-2023 InterClub Competition Round 5 – Club de Petanque d’Adelaide – 26th March 2023

Round 5 was played at Club d’Adelaide in slightly damp conditions. However, the intermittent showers were so light that they had little impact on either the terrain or the players. There was no wind and the temperature was comfortable.

This was a round where experience rose to the fore as three highly credentialed teams from three different clubs took their place on the podium. The bronze medallists were Rada Pierre, Alain Rousse & Dominique Pierre, from Adelaide. In second place were Prospect’s Melissa Scott, Ha Nguyen & Van Nguyen. On the top step were Alexi Alexi, Iskender (Ken) Maski & Craig Stewart, for Eastern Suburbs. All of these players have been in this position before, but one deserves a special mention.Continue reading

2022-2023 SA State Precision Shooting Championship – Photo Essay

The SA State Precision Shooting Championships were held at Novar Gardens Petanque Club on Saturday 4th February 2023, when the previous day had been the coldest February day in Adelaide for over 20 years and the Saturday was only slightly warmer.

Precision Shooting is a difficult discipline to master as it requires not only great boule control but also nerves of steel as the pressure to perform is enormous. It is equally difficult to judge as there are so many points that need to be watched; feet, time, landing spot and finishing position which is why four umpires are required in a formal competition.

Seventeen hopefuls gathered, representing players in the Female and Male 60+ Divisions also some in the Open Ladies and Men’s Divisions. The event was overseen by four officiating umpires and a scorer. It was good to see a number of interested spectators for the event.

The set up for the SA State Precision Shooting Championship, with Umpire Raymond Beaumont.


  • Over 60 Women: M. Peik.
  • Over 60 Men: 1st R. Peik, 2nd D. Seret
  • Open Women: 1st H. Jang, 2nd S. Dally, 3rd W. Bensen, 4th G. Whiteaker, 5th H. Nguyen.
  • Open Men: 1st L. Chazal, 2nd V. Nguyen, 2nd C. Puccini, 4th C. Stewart, 5th K. Maski, 6th V. Bulone, 7th N. Armstrong, 8th J-L. Gonnet, 9th  K. May.

L Chazal will be named the 2022-2023 Open Men’s South Australian Precision Shooting Champion.

When I was preparing this report, I Googled the collective noun for a group of Umpires The number one suggestion was a “Myopia” of umpires. I decided that perhaps our umpire cohort may get annoyed at this and chose a “Pool” of Umpires, they are shown below.

L to R: Raymond  Beaumont, Brett Williams, Peter Beaumont, Dirk Seret, Terry Hall, Michael Read and umpire and Scorer Adrian Clements.

Stan Wilson, President SAPL