Convocation to the SAPL AGM – 20th July 2019

South Australian Petanque League

Australia Annual General Meeting Saturday 20th July 2019, at 10am at Prospect Petanque Club.

Dear All,

Convocation to the SAPL AGM 2019

This letter should be considered as a formal invitation to your club to be represented at the SAPL Annual General Meeting on Saturday 20th July 2019 at 10am in the Prospect Pétanque club rooms.

This year the positions of President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer are up for re-election. If you know of anyone who would be interested in standing for one of these positions please nominate and let me know with a short biography by the 6th July 2019.

We have a legal requirement to hold an Annual General Meeting. However, the AGM19 should not be considered a chore. It gives us all the opportunity to gather together, review the successes and problems of the past year and to get new people involved in the administration of the League. In this way we will all ensure that the League continues to prosper and grow with the support of clubs and players in its activities and governance. Your Club will have one vote at the AGM19, however all your club members are welcome to attend and participate, please encourage them to do so.

If your club has any propositions or resolution that it wishes to discuss at the AGM19 please inform the Secretary in writing in by 6th July 2019 this will allow circulation of the content to all members.

Please provide the contact details of club President, Secretary and your club delegates to the SAPL committee at or before the meeting. Remember, each club may nominate two delegates and has one vote.


Agenda AGM 2019

Order of Business:

  • President to welcome attendees
  • Apologies for absence
  • Signing of attendance sheet
  • Confirmation of delegates and voting rights
  • Minutes of AGM held on 7th July 2018
  • Actions Arising from Previous Minutes
  • President’s Report 2018-2019
  • Treasurer’s Report and financial statement.
  • Affirmation of Public Officer
  • Nominations and  Election for the positions of President, Vice President and secretary
  • Confirm contact details of club Presidents, Secretaries and SAPL Committee members.
  • Any Other Business
  • Close meeting


If further information is required please direct your inquiries to me and it is hoped that all clubs will be represented at this AGM, (please RSPV confirming your clubs attendance).

Note immediately following the completion of the AGM19 a SAPL Committee meeting will take place with an estimated start time being 1030am, an agenda for this meeting will be issued closer to the date.

Kind regards,

Naz Saunders  – Secretary SAPL

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