About Us

The South Australian Pétanque League (SAPL) is the administrative body of its South Australian member clubs.
SAPL is affiliated through Pétanque Federation Australia (PFA) with the Federation Internationale de Pétanque et Jeu Provencal (FIPJP), the world governing body of pétanque. South Australian members are eligible to participate in local, national and international competitions.The SAPL is responsible for an interclub competition and most major pétanque events held in South Australia. We endeavour to promote this wonderful game/sport, increase its participation in South Australia and to provide an environment and an organisational structure in which pétanque can be enjoyed.

SAPL Inc – Rules of Association July 2012

SAPL Inc – By Laws August 2015

The SAPL financial year runs from 01 July till 30 June the following year and the AGM is held within 6 weeks of the end of the financial year.

A SAPL committee meeting is held regularly. Each club is represented by members nominated by the respective Club committees.
[SAPL Committee Meeting Minutes]

Based in South Australia, the SAPL has 8 member clubs.

  • Adelaide Hills Pétanque Club
  • Club de Pétanque d’Adelaide
  • Coonawarra Pétanque Club
  • Eastern Suburbs Pétanque Club
  • Feral Aussie Boulistes (FAB) Pétanque Club
  • Gawler Petanque Club
  • Novar Gardens Pétanque Club
  • Prospect Pétanque Club

SAPL endeavours to:

  • promote and foster the growth and development of pétanque in South Australia, as both recreational and competitive sport
  • act as the coordinating body for all the affiliated clubs throughout South Australia
  • assist with the provision of coaching to enhance player skills
  • ensure a consistent approach to the game of pétanque
  • provide umpiring qualifications from club through to national level


South Australian Pétanque League 2022 – 2023
President Anthony Pietsch (ACTING) president@sapetanque.com
Vice President Anthony Pietsch anthony.pietsch@gmail.com
Secretary Stan Wilson (ACTING) secretary@sapetanque.com
Treasurer Ken Medhurst treasurer@sapetanque.com
Tournament Director Anthony Pietsch anthony.pietsch@gmail.com
State Manager of Coaching Adrian Clements
State Manager of Umpiring Brett Williams
Club Delegates
(V: Voting Delegate P: Proxy Delegate)
Adelaide Hills Pétanque Club
Michael Read Anthony Pietsch
Club de Pétanque d’Adelaide Tina Stockley Louis Oltarczy
Coonawarra Pétanque Club
Guy Detot Malcolm Redman
Eastern Suburbs Pétanque Club
Deb Rodda Wendy Bensen
Feral Aussie Boulistes (FAB) Pétanque Club
Terry Hall (V)
Gawler Pétanque Club
Helen Hill Colin Hill
Novar Gardens Pétanque Club
Roland Peik Peter Matthews
Prospect Pétanque Club Gavin Scott  Allan Sanderson

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