SAPL FORFEIT POLICY (Approved 19 March, 2022)

This policy applies to all tournaments run by the SAPL. Its purpose is to stipulate the score awarded to teams that win or lose a game by forfeit.

It applies to any instance where a team leaves a tournament prematurely or is unable to play, after the competition has started.

It applies irrespective of whether the team’s absence is due to tardiness, illness, disciplinary action or any other reason.

Interrupted Games

If a team withdraws or is disqualified during the course of a game, then they will be credited on the scoresheet with any points scored before their departure. Their opponents will be credited with a winning score (13 or 11, as applicable).

For example, if a team leaves when trailing 2-6 then their score would be recorded as a 2-13 loss and their opponents win 13-2. If the team that leaves was leading 6‑2 at the time, then their opponents would register a 13-6 win.

Qualifying Rounds

If a team withdraws or is disqualified from a tournament during the qualifying rounds then their remaining unplayed games will be regarded as byes. If there is already a bye in the draw, and if the tournament structure allows it, then their scheduled opponents will play the teams scheduled for a bye. Otherwise, their scheduled opponents will be awarded a 13‑7 or 11-6 win, as applicable.

Knockout Rounds

If a team does not present for their game in a knockout round or final then their opponent’s score will be recorded as a 13-0 win.

Priint (PDF) – SAPL Forfeit Policy 2022-03-19

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