PFA Umpires Licence Register 2021 (Updated January 2021)

South Australian Umpires
Licence No. Full Name Level Official Status Club
003-yr1998 BEAUMONT, Peter 5 Inter PNP
002-yr1998 BEAUMONT, Raymond 3 Nat PNP
004-yr1999 WILLIAMS, Brett 3 Nat State Manager PPC
95 HALL, Terry 2 State FAB
93 PEIK, Roland 2 State NG
037-yr2008 CLEMENTS, Adrian 1 Club CPA
107 GIDDINGS, Jonathan 1 Club NG
106 MAY, Kenny 1 Club NG
032-yr2006 O’CONNOR, Anna 1 Club ESP
105 READ, Michael 1 Club AH

Official International Rules of Pétanque – Current version
adopted by Pétanque Federation Australia on the 30 December 2020

PFA Local Rules 01 January 2021 – Current Version
adopted by Pétanque Federation Australia on the 01 January 2021

PFA Timed Games Rules & Guidelines – Current version
adopted by Pétanque Federation Australia on the 01 August 2017

PFA Rules Circle Placement 2017 – Current version
adopted by Pétanque Federation Australia on the 30 December 2016

Other PFA documents are available on the PFA website (here).

01Aug14 from the PFA Committee meeting (01 August 2014)

Scoring Update Policy – To clarify questions which have been raised in the allocation of certain scores,
the following is to be the standard.

    • Disqualification 13-0 or 11-0
    • Forfeit  13-0 or 11-0
    • Bye  13-7 or 11-6

To ensure consistency of standard applied to umpiring in the sport of petanque, PFA is developing a pathway for the development of umpires.
PFA defines umpires as follows:

    • Level 1: Club Umpire
    • Level 2: State Umpire
    • Level 3: National Umpire
    • Level 4: Confederation Umpire
    • Level 5: International Umpire

To support these umpires the PFA Director of Umpiring has developed a series of workshops and examinations for Levels 1-3. Development and accreditation for Level 3 and 4 is managed by FIPJP. For opportunities to qualify as a PFA Umpire, contact your club, State Director of Umpiring or the National Director of Umpiring.



16Oct12 Clarification on the FIPJP approved prefabricated circles

16Feb12 Rules of the game to observe from the PFA National Director of Umpiring

01Aug08 As per PFA By-laws and policies requirement each State League must have a State disciplinary tribunal to deal with all disciplinary matters within the state. PFA State Disciplinary Tribunal July2008 [pdf 24kb]

PFA Policies Rules & Regulations:-

Coaching Policies

PFA Coaching Policy