Hot weather policy

  • SAPL competitions are subject to a “hot weather policy”
    i.e. forecast maximum of 36 degrees or more on the preceding Thursday night’s  MetEye  means the Competition is Cancelled.
    Weather at SA Pétanque Clubs
    Gawler  Prospect  FAB  Club De Pétanque D’Adelaide  ESP  Adelaide Hills  Noarlunga  Coonawarra  Novar Gardens
  • Interclub Competition

  • Interclub teams to be submitted to Tournament Director by 5:00pm on the preceding Thursday
  • In order to promote a fairer competition between large and small clubs, each club receives championship points (if any) from their two best-placed teams only.
  • The Interclub Competition is a PFA sanctioned competition i.e. A PFA Licence is required.

SAPL Calendar 2020 – 2021 _ Updated 19 April 2021

SAPL Petanque Calendar 2020-21 Version 4 2021-04-09

SAPL Calendar 2020 – 2021 _ Updated 03 July 2020

Download (XLS): Petanque Calendar 2020-21

Petanque Calendar 2020-21(pdf)

Calendars for Individual Clubs (where Available)

Adelaide  Adelaide Hills   ESP  FAB  Gawler  Noarlunga  Novar Gardens Pt Noarlunga

SAPL Committee Meetings plan 2020-2021


  AGM – 1 August at 10am Prospect Pétanque Club