2022-2023 InterClub Competition Round 5 – Club de Petanque d’Adelaide – 26th March 2023

Round 5 was played at Club d’Adelaide in slightly damp conditions. However, the intermittent showers were so light that they had little impact on either the terrain or the players. There was no wind and the temperature was comfortable.

This was a round where experience rose to the fore as three highly credentialed teams from three different clubs took their place on the podium. The bronze medallists were Rada Pierre, Alain Rousse & Dominique Pierre, from Adelaide. In second place were Prospect’s Melissa Scott, Ha Nguyen & Van Nguyen. On the top step were Alexi Alexi, Iskender (Ken) Maski & Craig Stewart, for Eastern Suburbs. All of these players have been in this position before, but one deserves a special mention.Continue reading