Interclub Competition Round 3 Adelaide Hills Pétanque Club – 31 Jan, 2021

After the unfortunate cancellation of our November round due to a brief COVID-19 outbreak, we have at least struck it very lucky with the weather this season. For this round, we had mild temperatures to offset the mid-summer sun and a gentle breeze kept everyone comfortable –about as good as it gets in January. On the previous Sunday, we would have encountered temperatures over 40C and a massive smoke plume from the large bushfire raging within a few kilometres of the Stirling venue.
The competition itself was very tight. Only 4 teams won all three of their prelim games and only 5 won both of the afternoon games. Just one team managed to do both and that was the winning combination of Alexi Alexi, Craig Stewart & Maurice Belz, from Eastern Suburbs.
Last season, 2019/20, was notable as the first time in ten years that Alexi didn’t win at least one Interclub gold medal, but he’s more than made up for it this season. This makes it three wins in a row for Alexi and Maurice – a remarkable feat not seen since 2013. On that occasion, it was also a team featuring Alexi, playing with George Lainas and Arwed Turon. (Prior to that, the only others to achieve it were the awesome world-class trio of Suki, Ken and Raja, also from ESP, who many will remember.) The big question now, as we are only half-way through the season, is “how far can they take this?” History beckons.

A potential streak is also emerging for the silver medallists, as Adelaide’s Rada Pierre, Alain Rousse & Dominique Pierre took this honour for the second time in a row. The bronze medals went to Melissa Scott, Gavin Scott & Brett Williams, from Prospect.
In terms of the club points, it was mostly a case of maintaining the status quo in Round 3. The first five placings on the day went to five different clubs. The host club had 4 teams in the top ten, but none in the top four. Hence, the top three clubs on the premiership ladder all recorded a fairly similar number of points, while the three clubs jostling for fourth place also put in comparable performances. The only movement in the pecking order as that FAB moved up from being equal fifth with Novar Gardens, just behind Prospect, to being equal fourth with Prospect, just ahead of Novar Gardens. It’s shaping up to be a very competitive season for these three clubs in particular.

Thanks to the Adelaide Hills club and volunteers for your part in making it such an excellent day for all.




























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