Results – League Round 4

The attached documents give the full results for League Round 4  held at Eastern Suburbs Pétanque Club 28 Feb, 2016.

1st Rada Pierre, Dominique Pierre & Tomas Heredia CPA 30 5
2nd Alain Rousse, Tony Stojsic & Louis Oltarczy CPA 24 4
3rd Quentin Jones, Greg Anderson & Anthony Pietsch AHP 21 4
4th Wendy Bensen, Deb Rodda & Ray Drummond ESP 18 3
5th Sukrit Vaswani, Raja Jamaleddine & Craig Stewart ESP 12 3
6th Raymond Beaumont, Peter Beaumont & Bill Pilmore PNP 12 4
7th Valmai Nicoll, Brett Williams & Allan Sanderson PP 9 3
8th Alexi Alexi, George Lainas & Arwed Turon ESP (9) 3
9th Martin Verdonk, Grant Ashmeade & Heilke Whitehorn PP 6 2
10th Axel Monneron, Margaret Monneron, Rae Grierson FAB 6 3

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SNAKE CUP 20 March 2016

The Snake Cup will be again held at the Prospect Pètanque Club on the 20th Match 2016.

The prize pool has been spread across the Principal, Consolante and Convival to enable teams of all standards to share in the Spoils.

See attached flyer for more details.

Snake Cup 2016